Top 10 Perfume Bottle Manufacturers in UAE


Over the past few decades, there have been substantial changes in the UAE.’s perfume sector. The nation rose to prominence in the international perfume market and now ranks among the top producers and exporters of a wide range of perfume goods. This article will be helpful to you if you’re trying to start your own fragrance business in the U.A.E. or are seeking the best perfume bottle manufacturer nearby.


Location: N0.3 Nanyi Road, Chikan Village, Shipai Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.China

Colnso has produced and supplied glass perfume bottles in China since the company was established in 2002. Their area of expertise is the distribution of premium, sustainable bottles. Customers’ wishes can be fulfilled whether they want something explicitly manufactured or from a normal range.

For instance, the company sells various-sized perfume bottles between 50 and 500 ml capacities. Several glass bottle sizes less than 50ml are listed in the company’s catalogue, but if the customer wants them, such sizes will be made available.

You may be sure that you’re obtaining a high-quality product because the company’s products pass the stringent quality inspection standards imposed by organizations like S.G.S. and Asian inspection. Along with perfume bottles, the company sells accessories like travel and vehicle scent bottles, pumps, collars, and caps.

Global Packaging

No.Q3- 096, Sharjah Airport International Free zone, Sharjah, UAE

Global Packaging, founded in 2002, was created to satisfy the various and dynamic needs of the perfume and cosmetics sector and its several verticals. Global Packaging has carved out a special place by attending to the packaging and glass bottling demands of various enterprises in the U.A.E.’s perfume and cosmetic industry.

They serve even the most exacting, taxing, and demanding needs of their customers at affordable costs that only they can provide, being one of the most wanted and leading suppliers and producers of glass bottles.

Al Wara Bottles

Location: Plot No. 6284, Emirates Industrial City, Al Sajaa, Post Box 60065, Sharjah, U.A.E.

Al Wara was founded in 2004 with an emphasis on providing luxury perfume brands, Al Wara Perfumes Industry. With countless options for a bottle decoration, they are pioneers in the field of perfume bottle specialization.

Their goal was to exceed customers’ expectations by offering high-quality goods and services. They have been the top service provider in the U.A.E. for bottle printing and decoration for more than ten years. They have a separate bottle design department and production and storage facilities, which help create the distinctive bottles that the business exports to other countries.

Al Haramain

Location: P.O. Box 1885, Munah Street, New Industrial Area 1, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Since 1970, Al Haramain Perfumes has been a leader in the perfume industry. We constantly investigate the latest trends while consistently responding to the preferences of our discriminating customers because we do what we love.

Since the summer of 1970, when the company’s first bottle was released, Al Haramain Perfumes has steadily increased in stature, assembling a fragrant network of magnificent showrooms throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and garnering praise, admiration, and hearts along the way.

Al Samaa Packaging & Packaging Mat. Tr. L.L.C.

Location: Ind. Area no. 15, Near Al Baddad, National Paints P.O Box:60143, Sharjah (U.A.E.)

Packaging for cosmetics and perfumes is the business of Al Samaa Packaging & Packaging Mat. Tr. L.L.C. Al Samaa provide empty glass bottles, caps, spray pumps, and other materials, enabling them to give their customers products of excellent quality at cheap pricing.

Al Samaa rank among the top trading companies in the U.A.E. for Cosmetic Packaging. The manufacturer have worked with many domestic and foreign clients for their cosmetics needs.

They offer a variety of sizes and colours of bottles, caps, pumps, and collars. All perfume bottles come in various sizes with standard and screw necks. The company offers 10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml containers.

Ajil Group

Location: Free Zone Bldg Office – E1 – 1805A, Ajman Free Zone, UAE

It was initially called Ajil Group and was re-established as Ajil General Trading in 2015. It was first established in 1982. They think that operating ethically and transparently will enable them to access markets in Europe, the Middle East, and India more easily.

Ajil Group offer packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, beverage, and beverage industries. The company sell items including jars, canisters, vials, glass, plastic, and aluminium bottles, mist sprayers, cream jar bottles, and cosmetic bottles.

Vogue Packing Mat & Equip Tr

Location: Al qusais, Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Being a forward-thinking business, Vogue Packing Mat & Equip Tr knows that when clients choose packing products today, aesthetics are just as important to them as protection, safety, and storage capabilities.

Customers today value appealing appearances and security, and storage when purchasing things that come in Packaging. This United Arab Emirates-based business, founded in 2012 and active in the industry as a manufacturer, exporter, and importer, makes P.E.T. Bottles With Spray Caps, P.E.T. Empty Spray Bottles, Luxury Perfume Glass Bottles, Crystal Attar Bottles With Glass Sticks. In the current world, Packaging serves whole new purposes.


Location: Dubai

Al Wara was founded in 1984 to deliver high-quality services that go above and above for our cherished clients. It has established itself as a top service provider in the perfume industry by cultivating enduring connections with clients and consumers and offering excellent customer service.

It also pursues business via innovation and unmatched quality. They are a one-stop shop because they have everything under one roof, including bottles, printing, decor, and designing.

Ace Star General Trading L.L.C.

Location: Al Mamzar Business Center, Showroom # G9 Dubai UAE 90634 U.A.E.

The past year, Ace Star General Trading L.L.C. has focused only on trading premium glass perfume bottles and related parts, including surlyn caps. Since its establishment in 2009, it has always followed its motto: quality, creativity, and service.

Ace Star has been working hard to ensure that the quality meets the standards set in supervision and assurance to give our clients the best possible professional experience. This is done to satisfy their customers’ demanding demands regarding the superiority of their products.


Location: Dubai, UAE

Saverglass, which specializes in producing and adorning pricey and rich glass bottles, is the world’s top manufacturer of empty perfume bottles—situated close to its customers in the primary production hubs for exclusive and premium alcoholic products.

The list also includes the countries of the southern hemisphere, including Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, as well as Russia, Europe, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. Additionally, the business is accessible in the United Arab Emirates.


In the U.A.E., there are numerous makers of perfume bottles. However, it can be tedious to confirm each one’s credibility independently. To assist you in finding the perfect perfume bottle manufacturer, we have compiled this concise list of companies.


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