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Each perfume cap provided by Colnso has its unique design, which will be different in shape and color, such as silver, gold, rose gold, gun, coffee, and bronze. Of course, you can add mirror polished, frosted, coloring, and other custom logos on the cap according to your needs.

The Zinc cap and PP fit can be riveting or clicking fit. It depends on the customer’s request. Our QC team also provides a series of quality inspections, such as abrasion resistance and adhesion tests, to ensure consistent quality of the perfume caps.

Zinc perfume cap always gives you the feeling of heavy and luxury. An excellent choice for most premium perfume brands!

Make Your Custom Perfume Bottle Cap By 9 Steps

Professional technicians control the machine for carving.

① Mold Building

After the technician sets the program for the machine, the machine will automatically producing the prototype.

② Die Casting

The operators skillfully use wheels of different materials to polish the product to a smooth mirror effect.

③ Polishing

The operators will coat the polished product with a bright, high-grade protective film.

④ Plating

Operators skillfully use high-quality Swarovski diamonds or Czech diamonds for setting, making the finished product look noble and luxurious.

⑤ Hand Painting

Fully automatic coloring machine to ensure accurate and clear patterns while ensuring efficiency.

⑥ Diamond Inlay

Several semi-finished products will be assembled into complete finished products on the flow line, for example, PP, plaque, accessories, etc.

⑦ Assembling

Both semi-finished products and finished products will be manually inspected by QC department.At the same time, the patrol QC will also spot check the products at each production stage to ensure. the best quality products in procession.

⑧ QC Inspection

Each station is responsible for one packaging action while the complicated packaging steps will be completed at one time quickly and efficiently especially for the large number of orders.

⑨ Assembly and Packaging

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