Top 8 Perfume Bottles Suppliers in the U.K.


The European perfume market is expanding, and one of the key contributors is the United Kingdom. The European market continues to define trends in the perfume industry, second only to the American market. This list of perfume glass bottle manufacturers may be helpful if you intend to start your own fragrance company in the United Kingdom. You can find the top suppliers of perfume bottles in the United Kingdom in this guide.

● Colnso

Location: N0.3 Nanyi Road, Chikan Village, Shipai Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.China

Since its founding in 2002, Colnso has been a supplier and manufacturer of glass perfume bottles in China. They specialize in distributing high-quality, environmentally friendly bottles.

It doesn’t matter if customers want items from a standard range or something custom-made; they can meet their requests. For instance, the business offers different-sized perfume bottles in the 50 and 500 ml range.

Although the company’s catalogue lists several glass bottle sizes smaller than 50ml, it will provide those sizes if the customer requests it. Since the company’s products meet strict quality inspection requirements established by organizations like SGS and Asian inspection, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality product. The company also provides perfume collars, pumps, caps, accessories, and travel and vehicle fragrance bottles along with perfume bottles.

● Glass Bottles

Location: Highbank Office, Halton Street, Hyde, Cheshire SK14 2NY, United Kingdom

For the food, beverage, and cosmetics industries, Glass Bottles is a supplier of premium packaging options. By giving various configuration options for the products they have selected, they hope to provide firms with additional packaging flexibility.

Customers can purchase their bottles and jars with or without closures, whether in retail or wholesale quantities. The ideal glass bottles for cosmetic goods and those used for other purposes can be found at Glass Bottles. Their little Ace and Madeleine bottles are perfect for nail polish and scents. However, their bigger Simplicity and Atlas bottles are ideal for serums and lotions.

● Nekem Packaging

Location: Progress Works, Elm Street, Burnley, BB10 1DA

Before becoming a packaging company, Nekem Packaging was a dispensing chemist. More than 600 consumers globally are already being served by it. The business specializes in packaging home, pharmaceutical, toiletry, skincare, and aroma products in plastic and glass.

In their warehouse, they currently have about 10,000 pallets, which has improved their stock holding. One of the biggest packaging producers of personal care products in the U.K., the Lendlock Group, included Nekem in its membership in 2009.

● Continental Bottle Company

Location: Barlow Drive, Woodford Park Industrial Estate, Winsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Your needs for packaging for home fragrances, cosmetics, and aromatherapy products can be handled at Continental Bottle Company. More than one hundred different types of glass bottles are currently available.

Along with the bottles, they also provide anodized polypropylene and surlyn closures. The business also provides customized services for your particular demands as a final step. They provide services to small, medium, and large companies nationally and internationally.

● Scentsational Shoppe

Location: 215 South Washington Avenue

With decades of experience in producing perfume bottles, Scentsational Shoppe is a pioneer in the fragrance sector. Thanks to their Grade “A” quality, excellent customer service, and lightning-quick shipping, they have now been recognized as one of the best bottle distributors globally.

There are no too-small or too-large orders to manage. With a wide range of caps and spray pumps, their inventory of bottles was expanded from basic glass to roll-ons with the assistance of their experience in the fragrance sector.

They had a worldwide reputation for their fragrance oils, but now they also have one for their empty bottles. They are the most sought-after distributor of bottles in the world thanks to their use of cutting-edge packaging methods and the lowest wholesale costs in the sector.

● Berlin Packaging U.K.

Location: Lady Lane, Hadleigh Ipswich, Suffolk

In the world of hybrid packaging, Berlin Packaging UK is a leading provider. They sell and produce glass perfume bottles, jars, biopolymer tubes, closures, containers, cosmetics, and dispensing pumps. And deal with residential as well as commercial packaging.

They offer a great selection of conventional fragrance bottles in various sizes and shapes, perfect for perfumes, EDTs, and aftershaves. These include fragrances that are fine and expensive, as well as everything in between.

Berlin Packaging has more than 100 years of experience in the packaging industry, 2,200+ packaging specialists, and a global network of suppliers and warehouses. As a result, Berlin Packaging offers exceptional packaging to clients all over the world.

● Stoelzle Glass Group

Location: Europe, U.K.

Since 1818, Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie has produced high-end glass packaging for cosmetics and perfumes. They specialize in creating exquisite, uniquely designed perfume flacons out of bright cosmetic flint glass in infinite, beautiful colours.

Their primary objective is high adaptability; it takes our team only four weeks to produce the first glass sample from the initial drawing. In addition, they make cosmetic glass containers such as jars and bottles for body care and bath products, body lotions, and roll-ons, as well as a wide range of standards like our Luxury range “Private collection.”

● Quadpack

Location: Leek, Staffordshire

Quadpack, one of Europe’s top ten cosmetics packaging suppliers, was founded in 2003. It now includes production facilities, offices, and a strategic worldwide network of partners in Europe, the U.S., and Asia-Pacific. Cosmetic packaging components are manufactured and delivered by their cosmetic packaging firm.

Their premium items, which range from skincare to fragrance, can be manufactured in order to meet your specific design requirements. They provide knowledgeable and dependable services to help you make your product look and work the way you want it to.


Finding a provider who can match your company’s unique requirements can be complicated. A web search will turn up many businesses, but it might be challenging to choose a trustworthy one. We hope we might assist you in finding the right source at Colnso. Dedicated staff are available at Colnso to help ease your decision regarding the best perfume manufacturer to partner with.


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