Top 10 Perfume Bottle Manufacturers in USA


In the United States of America, there is a rise in the number of perfume bottle manufacturers since it is essential in the manufacturing of perfume. Customers tend to differentiate one company’s products from another by checking the perfume bottles. Also, how a perfume bottle is designed can entice a customer to buy the product.

Regardless of the appearance of the bottle, if the quality is low, customers will avoid it since the main priority of the bottle is to serve as storage for the perfume. There are many top perfume bottle manufacturers worldwide; however, this guide will take you through the top 10 in the USA.


Location: N0.3 Nanyi Road, Chikan Village, Shipai Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.China

Colnso is a Chinese supplier and producer of glass perfume bottles that have been in business since 2002 and distribute eco-friendly, high-quality bottles.

They can satisfy consumers’ needs, whether they want things from a stock line or something specially tailored. For example, the company sells perfume bottles in various sizes, from 50 ml to 500 ml.

Although various glass bottle sizes are less than 50ml in the company’s catalog, the company will deliver them based on the client’s requirements.

You may be sure that you’re obtaining a high-quality product because the company’s products adhere to stringent quality inspection standards set by organizations like SGS and Asian inspection.

The company also sells perfume caps, pumps, collars, and accessories, as well as automotive scent and travel bottles in addition to perfume bottles.


Location: 2 Executive Drive Ste. 510 Bergen County Fort Lee, NJ 07024 USA

Near to Grasse, the world’s fragrance capital, COVERPLA is a reputable company that has specialized in distributing and manufacturing skincare and fragrance packaging since 1946.

Although in the beginning, manufacturing wine glass bottles was the main purpose of the company’s creation. The main services they provide to their customers domestically and abroad are decorating, injection molding, and pump assembly.

There is a category that enables the customization and building of the bottles by the customers themselves. Thus, the preferential personalization of the fragrance and perfume bottles is possible. You can choose frosting, hot stamp, spray, organic ink, and metallization to decorate your glass perfume bottle.

Kaufman Container

Location: 1000 Keystone Pkwy Suite 100, Cleveland, OH 44135, USA

In the glass perfume and cosmetic manufacturing and distributing industry, Kaufman has been among the companies bringing new ideas and methods for more than one hundred years in the United States of America.

Since the company’s establishment in 1910, it has offered services to customers locally and internationally. The company’s services include package development, stock, custom packaging solutions, and quality assurance. They ensure their glass perfume bottles are distinct from other companies by providing different finishes and decorating services.

There are numerous glass perfume bottles in the company’s catalog with different volumes and shapes, such as 50ml round glass perfume, 100ml square glass perfume, and 100ml glass perfume bottles.


Location: France, Spain, the USA and South Korea

For more than 120 years, among the top manufacturers and distributors of glass perfume bottles is Verescene, and they offer services to customers in different parts of the world. The company has a presence on four continents, with its products serving customers’ purposes over the years.

The company is at the forefront of introducing new ideas and designs since its glass bottle catalog usually contains a new addition every year. The methods used in decorating glass bottles at the company are numerous, and they can supply the products in stock.

Berlin Packaging

Location: 525 West Monroe Street Chicago, IL 60661

Berlin Packaging is among the top glass perfume bottles manufacturer whose experience is not limited to the USA but is also recognized in numerous countries as a top manufacturer and distributor of glass perfume bottles.

They offer top-notch services to their customers worldwide, including manufacture, distribution, and order customization. Regardless of the volume of the perfume, Berlin Packaging has the best bottle options. Some bottles are specifically made to contain perfume not up to 0.5oz; likewise, those that are as high as 16oz.

New High Glass

Location: 12713 SW 125th Ave. Miami, FL 33186

With their established and cutting-edge talents and equipment, for over 40 years, one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of glass bottles is The New High Glass.

The company excels in different niches like food and beverages, cosmetics, and fragrances.

Glass perfume bottles that meet clients’ demands and requirements are something the company is well known for when supplying in bulk and at wholesale prices.

David Perfume bottles, Delacroix Perfume bottles, and Morisot perfume bottles are some of the extraordinary product services the company offers its clients.

SGB Packaging Group, Inc.

Location: 401 Hackensack Avenue 7th Floor Hackensack, NJ 07601

In the USA, SBG is well known as a full-service and comprehensive supplier of glass perfume packaging. Well-known companies, particularly in the Mid and Luxury fragrance and perfume industries, are recognized as one of the top suppliers and distributors of distinctive and high-quality glass perfume bottles.

They excel at providing excellent customer service and frequently go above and beyond to meet the demands and requirements of their clientele.

The extensive glass bottle catalog of the company that contains products such as Verdi Eco, Felix, Zara, Crystal, Alto, and Polygone are some of the distinctive features that make it a top choice for clients.

Also, customers can select from a diverse fragrance cap selection which is numerous in the product catalog. Some include Rectangle Fragrance Cap, Emy Fragrance Cap, Rotari Fragrance Cap, and Woork Eco-Friendly Dropper.

US Pack Group

Location: 5011 N. Hiatus RD Sunrise, FL 33351

With reasonable pricing and quick lead times, US Pack Group allows you to design, develop, and produce your packaging, container, and labeling solutions.

Bottles for liquor, perfume, soap, sprays, and washes are made to order. Their offerings include blow-molded PET, squeeze, dispenser, hair care, hand-held, and toiletry bottles.

The industries served include those in the cosmetic, food and beverage, chemical, household, automotive, and personal care sectors. Since its founding in 2010, the business has always upheld standards for producing high-quality perfume bottles.


Location: 14529 Innovation Drive, Suite B Riverside, CA 92518

Designing and producing high-quality perfume glass bottle goods that are appropriate for various perfumes is a service that E2Global offers her customers.

They provide 5-800 mL capacities in matte and glossy finishes for their FDA-approved perfume bottles. As well as closures, the products also come with logos, and customers can place single orders and larger ones with them.

Consolidated Strategy Group, Inc.

Location: 1351 South Lewis Anaheim, Ca 92805

With a dedication to establishing lasting connections with each of their clients, Consolidated Strategy Group, Inc., established in, combines more than 40 years of professional experience in bespoke packaging.

The company provides unmatched product expertise, business expertise, and innovation. Additionally, it provides services from conception to completion with a guarantee of excellence, dependability, and attention to every detail.

Injection molding, extrusion molding, spin trimming, custom tooling, and 3DCad design are the methods the company utilized to produce several distinct high-quality perfume bottles.


As a perfume manufacturer, it is pertinent to ensure the packaging of your perfume is top-notch, as the appearance can go a long way in convincing customers to patronize you.

Thus, using the services of the best perfume bottle manufacturer is of utmost importance. There are numerous glass bottle manufacturers in the USA, one of them being Colnso.

By incorporating sustainability into their production and manufacturing processes, the competition among glass bottle makers improved the quality and durability of glass perfume bottles.


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