Top 6 Perfume Bottle Suppliers in Australia


Australia has seen a favorable increase in the number of customers purchasing perfume over the previous several years, and the growing tendency is excellent news for local shops of perfume and online providers.

Find a reputable perfume glass bottle suppliers first if you want to try your luck in the fragrance sector and want to launch your own perfume company. The glass bottle used in packaging your products can go a long way in making your product distinct from other companies.

Also, using a high-quality glass bottle will encourage more clients to patronize your product since they are assured of quality. Although you can get glass perfume bottles from numerous suppliers in Australia, if you want from the best 6 top quality suppliers, you will find this guide helpful.


Location: N0.3 Nanyi Road, Chikan Village, Shipai Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.China

Glass perfume bottles are made and sold by Colnso in China since its inception in 2002. They are masters at marketing high-end, environmentally friendly bottles.

Customers are free to order anything they choose, whether it be something made just for them or anything from the standard selection. For instance, the business offers 500 and 50 ml perfume bottles in various sizes.

Numerous bottle sizes under 50 ml are available in the company’s catalog, but such sizes can also be ordered by customers. Because the company’s products follow to strict quality inspection standards established by organizations like SGS and Asian inspection, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality product. The company also sells perfume bottles, collars, caps, accessories, and pumps.

The Continental Group

Location: Suite 1.01, 11 Queens Road, Melbourne VIC Australia 3004

The Continental Group knows that packaging should be one of your top objectives if you intend to sell your items easily.

The corporation runs several sectors, including packaging and leisure. The Continental Group is owned by Geoff Pearce, who also served as its CEO from 1997. Geoff has worked in the bath & body, hair, and skincare industries for over 40 years as a contract producer and import distributor.

The Continental Group’s expertise allows them to create logistics solutions that are assured to deliver your goods correctly, sell them, store them, and transport them safely.


Location: 11/26 James Street, Lidcombe, New South Wales 2141

Since its founding in 1993, Kenjasper has produced various art glass items, such as animal figurines, abstract sculptures, glass paperweights, exquisite vases, and perfume bottles. Made from recycled metal are figures and ornamental objects that they sell.

These consist of figurines from various sports, desk accents, and bottle holders. The business participates in the Reed Gift Fairs in Sydney and Brisbane. By offering their consumers outstanding products at competitive costs, they hope to exceed their customers’ expectations.


Location: Via Lazzaretto, 19 20124 Milano

The top producer of empty perfume bottles in the world is Saverglass, which specializes in creating and embellishing expensive and opulent glass bottles. placed close to its clients in the world’s primary centers for the manufacturing of premium and upscale alcoholic beverages.

The Group’s home country of France, along with Russia, Europe, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and the southern hemisphere nations of Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are all included in this list.


Location: 7 dallas court hallam vic 3083, AUSTRALIA

Are you trying to find a manufacturer of glass bottles that offers packaging options for small- and large-scale projects? SunnyPack, an Australian glass bottle maker, can be the best if you need packaging. Numerous items in the shape of glass bottles, jars, and containers are featured in its glass catalog.

Additionally, the glass packaging options come in a wide volume range of 150 to 500 ml, catering to various brands. SunnyPack, a subsidiary brand of Amberpak Pty Limited, is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, where customers can consult with its representatives about their packaging requirements.

Recently, the business unveiled a brand-new line of roll-on and perfume bottles with capacities as low as 10 ml. As if that weren’t enough, SunnyPack also offers aluminum cans, pipettes, closure & cap materials, plastic bottles, and jars. SunnyPack covers all your packaging requirements, whether you require glass canisters or glass jars with lids.

Stoelzle Glass Group

Location: Fabrikstraße 11 A-8580 Köflach

In 1805, Australia saw the founding of Stoelzle. For pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and cologne, it specialized in high-end packing glass containers. It also makes investments in the agribusiness and beverage sector. For many years, it has produced goods of excellent quality.

Customer satisfaction rates are very high. It is committed to serving both internal and external customers by managing the constantly evolving needs of those customers through a committed staff.

They can interact with people and businesses throughout the world easily because they have access to the most knowledgeable logistics partners in the world. Excellent communication and a pleasant working environment are priorities for the organization.


Glass perfume bottles are quite delicate, and it is crucial to make sure you have a reliable partner to manage all of your design preferences and packing requirements for the latter. Additionally, having a team to support you during the choosing process is beneficial, and Colnso has a staff to do just that.

Our experts may create several types of perfume packaging depending on your needs. For example, consider high-quality, smooth-surface glass bottles, perfume caps, collars, pumps, and accessories products with fine processing and concern for details with product usability.


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